A Modular Synth That (Almost) Fits In Your Pocket

Create Digital Music notes that an Italian company called soundmachines has announced a very compact, highly hackable analog/digital modular synthesizer with an insane feature list:

  • VCO (saw, pulse, sub, triangle, white/pink noise)
  • VCF (12dB/octave “with loads of character”, haha)
  • Loopable ADSR envelope generator
  • VCA
  • 2x Attenuators
  • 2x Variable voltage generators
  • “A couple of” dual-output LFOs
  • Sample + Track and Hold
  • Fixed voltage bank
  • 3x saturating mixers
  • Logic & Clock functions (AND, NAND, OR, NOT, clock divider)
  • 2x Sum/subtract nodes
  • Ribbon controller (!) with gate, CV and hold output
  • 2x 12-bit DACs
  • Mozzi-compatible design
  • 4-channel Digital potentiometer for (i.e.) generating analog control voltages from your Arduino program
  • An entire built-in Arduino Leonardo with HID chip & USB port, allowing you to use USB midi controllers (!!), as well as any arbitrary additional programming you want to do

This looks like my dream device, in a lot of ways—no price announced yet, but they have a mailing list at least, so stay tuned…

Here’s an Aphex Twin/AFX-esque example patch:

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